Leadership coaching

In managers, people are looking for leadership – to quote Peter Drucker “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” To achieve this requires awareness and collective responsibility. Coaching enhances a manager’s self-awareness and through this process a greater awareness of the individuals in their teams.  They are then better able to engage with individuals, understand their needs, and better define goals to which individuals are able to engage and prosper.  Individuals feel a sense of purpose which leads to greater shared collective responsibility.  This in turn sees the team prosper and ultimately perform better.

Are you?

  • A manager in a new position and trying to determine the way forward
  • Struggling with pulling a new team together or struggling with difficult team member(s)
  • Working on a new initiative and looking to see how to take it forward and make it work
  • Looking to develop your leadership potential and/or trying to determine where you want to go in your management career
  • Looking at developing the capabilities of the managers in your organisation

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