Our Coaching approach focuses on unlocking potential to maximise performance.  Too often we only look at the current reality and think only as far as the next step e.g. I don’t like the way things are done around here.  I have had enough – I am going to resign. We forget to look ahead or envisage what we want to achieve, therefore unexpected hurdles appear, we procrastinate, nothing gets done and frustration sets in.

We also see people relying on things completely outside their control to determine their future.  Ask yourself the question – How often do you base your future on “If?”

“Things will be better – if I get that new job, if I get that pay rise, with a new boss coming in…..”

Sound familiar? It probably is – many people live with the expectation that things will change IF!!

But “IF” means that you are relying on others or outside influences to enable you to succeed – things you have no control over.  Is this logical?

Whether it is dealing with a transition, everyday challenges or a crisis, you can’t successfully navigate these if you are relying solely on others or outside influences to get you through.  You must take control in a way that enables you to deal with the twists and turns and to be comfortable with challenges – in effect to become more resilient

We will help you look through your current reality to identify where you want to go, or assist you to identify what you want to achieve and a pathway to get there.  You understand who you are or what your business is so you are best placed to determine the pathway that fits.

A successful relationship enhances awareness and responsibility. You become aware of what is important to you and what you want to achieve, you also identify what might be preventing you from getting there and how to overcome it.  You then take responsibility for the actions and plan to achieve the goal – effectively you take control.