In our approach to our consulting work we remain true to our coaching roots.  We see our role as enabling you to identify solutions and the way forward.  We will do the analysis, and work with you to identify the issues but do not adopt an advisory approach.

Better solutions and results are achieved if the solution is yours, you own it and you are invested in it.  Equally your staff will be invested in it and the chances of success are far greater.

We have experience in:

  • Conducting reviews of organisational capacity to deploy and support personnel globally including
    • Individual preparation
    • Deployment mechanisms and procedures
    • Support mechanisms including crisis response capacity
    • Meeting moral, ethical and legal duty of care obligations
    • Conducting reviews of organisation structures
  • Reviewing effectiveness of organisational personnel development and training policies and/or programs
  • Conducting operational performance reviews
  • Reviews of crisis response plans and procedures
  • Developing crisis response plans
  • Developing management and leadership courses/programs