Our workshops are aligned with our approach to coaching – they aim to enable participants to identify and unlock their potential and in turn enhance their performance.  In keeping with our coaching approach, we focus on enhancing participants’ awareness while also emphasising the need to take responsibility.  As such our workshops are interactive with a mix of presentations, discussions and participants working together – using partners to enhance awareness and to challenge.

Coping with Challenges – Developing Inner Resilience

This workshop encompasses 7 modules and can be conducted as either a block of two days, or as a series of modules conducted over 6-7 weeks.  When conducted over 6-7 weeks we will spend around an hour going through a module and then participants will be expected to devote at least 60 minutes with another participant working through some exercises.

Topics covered:

  • Defining inner resilience and its key elements
  • Exploring the GROW model as a means of enabling you to create a framework to enhance your awareness and define a way forward
  • Aspects of neuroscience to recognise how our thinking and different parts of the brain influence us
  • Mindfulness
  • Tools to enable you to achieve more balance

We also have a free 40 minute introduction presentation for this workshop that we will come and deliver to give you a taste of what this workshop covers.

Leading and developing resilient performing teams

The workshop aims to enable managers to lead rather than manage their teams.  In the words of Peter Drucker “to do the right things.”

We look at:

  • Defining resilience – in individuals and what that means for teams
  • Exploring emotional intelligence and what it means in a leader
  • Awareness, developing individuals and the team
  • Defining purpose, decision making and establishing a performance culture

This workshop can be tailored to your needs.    We will work with you to identify where we should place the emphasis and then can conduct it to fit in with your business demands either as a block or as a series of modules conducted over a number of days or weeks.

Crisis Management

With over 20 years’ experience in crisis management, including the development of plans and preparing crisis teams we recognise that while there are established areas that need to be addressed, preparation must be tailored to the organisation.  We will work with you to identify your needs and develop a package tailored to those needs.

If your requirements do not fit any of the above descriptions, we also develop tailored workshops. Please get in touch to let us know your project and we can further discuss.